About Us – Who are we?

At Peoplecare, we love people. And that means giving you more of the things you love and less of the things you don’t. We strive to bring you Peoplecare Eyes Online, your online optical store. We want to make your life easier by giving you contact lenses, prescription glasses and sunglasses at low prices with a full money back guarantee.

Every time you buy contacts or glasses, we’ll send you an instant invoice and if you’re a Peoplecare member we’ll automatically lodge a claim for you, so you don’t have to do anything else.

All orders are shipped from within Australia, from Australian manufacturers. If you need extra help with your order, you can get in touch on 1300 018 137 or info@peoplecareeyes.com.au. Our in-house optometrist and friendly customer service team are ready to help you!

Or if you’d like to talk to us about your health cover in general, just give our Member Services Team a buzz on 1800 808 690.